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The tale of Imier Bernese Mountain dogs is initially an unforgettable meeting between a special breed and a childhood dream.

  • The Imier Bernese Mountain dogs is a breeding born of the discovery of this quadrupedal, a mountain of unconditional affection and kindness associated with a persistent desire to live surrounded by a great and noble race.

  • The Imier Kennel of Bernese Mountain dogs is a youth fantasy that has made its way to become a recognized name sheltering dogs and puppies who grow up under my watchful eyes. A success story made from experience, loyalty to the race and the continious search for doing better.

  • The Imier Kennel is the name chosen to honour my roots, Saint-Imier, a small town in the heart of a long valley where I was born and where I grew up. A small town which focuses on the measurement of time, so well-known by Europeans because of the famous manufacturer of Longines watches.

  • The Imier Kennel provides a guarantee of monitoring and follow-up, discipline and the constant search for quality.


    The story began with a long reflection and the search for "our ideal" dog. Patiently I proceeded by elimination: no small dog, no hunting dog, no clear coat, no short or too long hair coat. And then one day, my mother recalling her encounters with a someone particularly pleasant, spoke of the good big Bernese Mountain Dog who regularly crossed her path. How could I not think about this race? What a coincidence! Especially for a Swiss expatriate living in Quebec. There was no more doubt and the adventure was only beginning ...

    In 1992, Bernese Mountain kennels and breeders were uncommon and all the communication channel tools we find these days such as internet, didnít exist then. My encounter with a longstanding passionate breeder who agreed to sell me a puppy, the first in my life that was not a stuffed toy, was a key moment. Was she aware that her passion would make its way through me? Maybe not at that time, but now she knows she has been a model for me and her great knowledge is an asset to the breed and many breeders. She remains an inspiration to me and I owe her all my gratitude. The name of that first dog was Cafignon. It was a family dog we were proud of and it paved the way to the many steps that I have climbed to take me where I am at this point.

    I had to learn everything, to experiment, to record and observe, with my family by my side. The pitfalls were numerous, but they helped me to become confident and more experienced. Experience that I continue to gain and experience I share with my colleague breeders, so I can contribute to better guide and advise the new owners of our puppies.


    The Imier Kennel is now established on a solid base: healthy dogs and puppies, CKC registered, broodstock selected and certified, raised with affection and love in a clean and comfortable environment.

    The Imier Kennel sells only registered dogs under the name of IMIER, corporate name protected by the Canadian Kennel Club.

    The buyer and myself sign a sales contract which includes a written guarantee covering hereditary problems, congenital and temperament issues. You'll find many topics and extensive information available on this website. If you have further questions, comments, I will be pleased to help you via email or other means of communication.

    Nicole Racine
    Imier Kennel

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