To pull and carry

Whether homemade or high-tech, most of Bernese Mountain dogs have natural talent to pull.

You can imagine all kinds of transportation, but in all cases, your Bernese Mountain dog will need a good harness, comfortable, and a well spread load. If you choose a cart on wheels, it must balance the load. If you choose on skates, be sure of having a good slide and be absolutely certain that the load will never hit the dogís back legs. Most often, after a few practices the dog will catch quickly and get the principle of it and even feel a great pride in working. They like to feel useful. And why not using a dog back load at times?

The carts of Imier
We have a great experience in building carts, we have designed and built various types of dog carts but at this point, the production is temporarily suspended. Meantime, it is with pleasure that we will provide references and some direction to owners wishing to harness their dog.


Harnesses for all and for everything!

Ski-joring, cani-cross, snow scooter, not just buzzwords, but enjoyable activities, to team efforts by sharing with your dog!
As for walking, cycling or rollerblading, you should exercise with caution. The Bernese mountain dog is massive and its body structure is not made for extreme sport. We inform our clients on the necessary precautions to take.

At the Imier Kennel:
We make custom harnesses for your dog. We specialise in harnesses for carts or carriages.
To pull a sled, to ski-joring or cani-cross we recommend specialty shops. (see links)


To train, play and get outside!

To train the dog ... It takes love, consistency, a philosophy and a lot of patience. This you canít find in stores, already a saving!

To get outside ... You must love the outdoors, all weather, is a prerequisite. Your dog will never say no to an outing.

To play ... An appropriate place must be set and only give a very solid toy, even test it before leaving the dog alone with it. Sometimes, it looks tough but never underestimate the strength of the dog, especially when they are puppies and teens! A piece of rubber or rope can jam in a throat or make the dog sick. (Not always that easy to find).

We are available to advise our clients to buy equipment useful for all educational activities and leisure.


For the puppies and big dogs!

Adopting a puppy or adult dog requires the purchase of some essential items. You should know that our hairy friends have no sense of aesthetics, but rather a sense of comfort. From their point of view, this is not complicated but from ours, it may be a little bit more. How to get things clarified?

We help our clients buy their first dog by offering a list of essential accessories that have good value for money according to their use.


Beyond the great myths and everything said, what is right or wrong? How often a Bernese need to be brushed? How to cut the claws ? Do you really need to buy expensive products and accessories?

When you come pick up your puppy, we take the time to make a show of brushing, cutting claw and ear cleaning. We show you how to handle your puppy and what products and useful accessories you will need.